• Bridal Expo

    The Villa Borghese Bridal Expo 2018

    Bridal Expo 2018

         You just got engaged! Now what? Where do you start? Getting engaged and planning a wedding are incredibly exciting.  These milestones can also sometimes feel overwhelming.  Searching for vendors online can give you a general overview of vendors’ best work, however, there is truly nothing that compares to meeting vendors face to face.  These are the people that will greatly influence the look and feel of your special day, and seeing how your personalities mesh can make all the difference in whom you choose.  

         Enter The Villa Borghese.  The Villa Borghese Bridal Expo is the event you’ve been looking for.  Top local vendors will be in attendance.  This is the perfect opportunity to speak to vendors and see their work in person.  Not only will vendors be present, there will also be a fashion show with the latest wedding trends for 2018! So, bring your friends, family or just yourself and take advantage of this incredible opportunity! To RSVP, call The Villa Borghese at 845.297.8207, or Register Here


  • New Year’s Eve

    The Villa Borghese

         New Year’s Eve is typically one of the most popular nights of the year to be out with friends and family.  How you celebrate the new year creates memories that can last a lifetime.  Why not start off the new year at an elegant gala held at The Villa Borghese? It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a night out.  A deluxe cocktail hour, 5 star dinner, and more make it even more memorable.  Dance the night away and ring in 2018 with a champagne toast at midnight! To make your reservation, call The Villa Borghese at 845.297.8207.

  • Holiday Fun At The Villa Borghese

         When people think of the holiday season, several things come to mind.  One is spending time with friends and family.  Another is delicious holiday meals.  Unfortunately, with the holiday season can come lots of stress when it comes to entertaining.  The Villa Borghese is here to make your holidays merry and bright! Did you know that The Villa Borghese offers Thanksgiving To Go? That’s right! We will provide you and your guests with a fine dining experience right in the comfort of your home! 

         Are you looking for ways to entertain your little ones and ring in the holiday season? Brunch with Santa at The Villa Borghese is perfect for you! Enjoy a mouthwatering brunch provided by the Villa Borghese.  After brunch, watch your children’s faces light up when they see Santa Claus himself! It’s the perfect chance to get that holiday card picture, and start a memorable family tradition!

         Villa Borghese is the Hudson Valley’s premier event venue for a reason. Any holiday party becomes an elegant affair when it’s hosted at The Villa Borghese.  Our breathtaking ballrooms and stunning ambiance will set the tone for a fun filled night! Remember, The Villa Borghese is also a beautiful backdrop to ring in the New Year!

  • Elegant Affordable Wedding Venue

    elegant affordable wedding venue

           When it comes to a luxurious and elegant wedding venue the word affordable often does not come to mind.  A wedding can be an expensive investment.  The venue itself sets the tone for the entire experience, so it’s crucial to choose one that offers a variety of amenities that will make both you and your guests happy.  At The Villa Borghese, there is an understanding that all budgets differ from couple to couple.  The Villa Borghese also offers an extensive variety of options.  The amenities at a Villa Borghese wedding appeal to a wide range of tastes without causing the stress of over extending your budget.  When it comes to Dutchess County weddings, Villa Borghese is an elegant affordable wedding venue that provides luxury at a price that works with your budget. 

  • Sweet 16

    Sweet 16, Hudson Valley

               A Sweet 16 is a special moment in a young person’s life that should be celebrated in a special way.  Not only is it another birthday party, but it’s also a huge step closer to becoming an adult. Fortunately, the Hudson Valley is home to the Villa Borghese, a fabulous venue for a Sweet 16! Hosting a Sweet 16 at The Villa Borghese takes the event from just another birthday party to an elegant affair.  It is also a perfect time for the host to really express his or her personality and interests. 

                One of the great aspects of hosting a Sweet 16 at Villa Borghese is the ability to choose a fun theme, such as candy, mermaid, car, or Paris theme, for example.  The elegant ballrooms of the Villa Borghese are beautiful settings for combining these fun and unique themes with a sophisticated environment, giving the host a wonderful experience.

                The skilled and experienced staff at the Villa Borghese are always here to help! They are available to help with planning and implementing the chosen theme and help to express the host’s personality in the best way possible!

  • Off Site Catering Hudson Valley

    Off Site Catering Hudson Valley

            The Hudson Valley is home to beautiful views during any season and unique locations that create a canvas for truly memorable events.   One of the key elements to ensuring an extraordinary gathering, whether it’s a wedding, graduation party, or any celebration, is catering.   Villa Borghese offers flawless off site catering in the Hudson Valley! The staff at Villa Borghese makes it as easy as can be and we supply you with top notch catering. When you book Villa Borghese for off site catering in the Hudson Valley, you know that your guests get to experience the very excellence in taste and quality that Villa Borghese is known for. The superb experience will be unmatched and leave no doubt in your mind that you made the right choice in choosing Villa Borghese off site catering, Hudson Valley. We bring the same elegance that can be expected at an event at Villa Borghese to any location in the Hudson Valley, no matter where it may be.  With over 40 years of experience, the Porco family has developed a varied and satisfying menu that is sure to impress! . With our high quality food and service, not to mention the convenience and elegance of Villa Borghese’s off site catering anywhere in the Hudson Valley, your event is sure to be a charming and sophisticated experience that both you and your guests will cherish the memories of for years to come!